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Tracks & Tales Nature School invites you on an outdoor adventure. We offer three approaches:

     Skills Workshops: Hands-on classes in primitive living and outdoor survival skills for children age 8 - 15.

     Wilderness Warriors: Epic battles in a natural setting include archery, swordplay, strategy and general mayhem.

We are located 40 minutes from Seattle in the lush forest just east of Duvall, Washington.

Primitive Survival Skills -- Day classes and Summer Camp Learn how to survive in the woods with handmade tools and survival knowledge! Make your tools and learn what to do in our weekly workshop classes, and then come primitive camping with us! Targeted for children age 8-12 and 13-15. Classes throughout the schoolyear and a weeklong day camp in July.

  • Fire making, including bow drill
  • Carving & knife making
  • Debris shelters
  • Primitive tools
  • Edible & medicinal plants
  • Building traps
  • Animal processing
  • Water purification

Wilderness Warriors Saturdays & Summer Camp
Fantasy games, battles and adventures in the forest. For children of 8 years and above. During the school year we meet one Saturday each month. During the summer we offer weeklong day camps. Click here for more information.

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Read "In Appreciation" -- the Tracks & Tales book!

In the past decade, more and more people have been turning to "nature education." Books such as Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv, Sharing Nature with Children by Joseph Cornell, and Coyote’s Guide to Connecting Kids with Nature by Jon Young and Ellen Haas, help show the profound impact nature can have on children, bringing them a sense of peace, self-confidence and joy.

Instructors & Staff

Lucas Rebrovic grew up in rural Southwest Ohio, playing in the woods everyday. From a young age Lucas developed a passion for skills that enabled him to be outside with as little man-made "stuff" as possible. As a teenager this passion led him to begin experimenting with bow building, which quickly snowballed into a full-fledged desire to learn every primitive skill he could imagine. Lucas graduated the Wilderness Awareness School Residential Program and then earned his degree in Environmental Biology. He now resides in Carnation, Washington, where he continues to enjoy and learn from bow making, flint knapping, hide tanning, wild food harvesting, blacksmithing, and a multitude of other exciting outdoor living skills.

Olivia Pollack grew up in the woods in Southern Vermont. She spent the last 7 years living on the west coast, in South America, and in Nepal. She has been living and sending down roots in Washington since 2012. She worked with 4th and 5th graders teaching art and science in the woods at IslandWood, working towards a Masters degree in Education, Curriculum, and Design, then participated in the Anake program at Wilderness Awareness School, expanding her path with primitive skills and mentoring. This year she is apprenticing for that same program. She is passionate about deepening her nature connection and about learning how to be an effective mentor and spread heart-living, aliveness, and nature connection to future generations. She comes alive when playing and learning with kids. She loves storytelling and story listening, making things with her hands -- currently leather work, basketry, and metalwork, inner-tracking, inipi, and imagination. Olivia is leading our Wilderness Warriors Saturday program this year.

Harper Stone was raised on myths and folktales from around the world. He was influenced by three significant mentors throughout his life; one a man named Aaron who developed a warriorship mentoring program. At 15, Harper experienced this program and rite of passage, with profoundly transformative personal results. While traveling in Ireland, he met a man named Roderic who taught him about living an intentional, passionate and empowered life. For nine months he lived and worked alongside him, learning about the archetypes, unconscious patterns and stories. Thirdly, he met a woman raised in the culture of rural Ireland and has maintained a four-year correspondence with her, gaining an education in the lore, perspectives and rituals of the Celtic tradition. For the past ten years, he has worked with Renaissance Adventures, based in Boulder, Colorado, leading kids on Adventure Quest Summer Camps. In 2012, he took a group of ten teens to an eco-retreat center in Wales, UK for an 11-day adventure into nature, history, myth and magic. At the end of the program, each one said they would remember it for the rest of their lives. Harper has lead summer camps for Tracks and Tales since 2012.

Porter Eichenlaub grew up running wild in the woods and fields of New England, and has devoted his life to creating alternative educational programs that empower children to become masters in crafting their own lives. He has worked with children extensively in a wide variety of educational settings from alternative elementary schools to summer camps, nannying to international college programs, mentoring to wilderness-based rites of passage programs. He cares deeply about designing and facilitating programs that uncover and evolve each person’s innate wisdom, creativity, curiosity and wonder using the natural world, the body, and peers as unparalleled teachers and resources. He loves the constant and surprising joy of collaboratively creating with a small group of learners.

He is completing his BA in Leadership and Education at Antioch University Seattle. Porter currently lives in Olympia, where he builds community with those he loves, dances often, sings more often, plays guitar, empowers youth activists, plays with kids, works with clay, and has adventures in the wilderness. Porter is has been with Tracks & Tales for two years.

Maya Wallach, parent, volunteer, and registrar, helped start Tracks & Tales Nature School after seeing how students of all ages blossom in the amazing outdoor programs at the Wilderness Awareness School. Maya spent much of her childhood on the Pacific's rocky beaches, and splashing in the clear blue lakes of the high Sierras. After several careers in New York (social work, arts administrator), Paris (dance writer & photographer) and Bangalore (computer programmer), living on a creek in the forest feels like coming home at last.


We are grateful to be located in the heart of a community that is so full of natural beauty and inspiring people. We also want to acknowledge the greater community that nourishes our programs. Click here for a list of links.

We recommend the Wilderness Awareness School's research page for more information about why nature-based learning is so important.

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Our programs are tailored to focus on each child's and each group's abilities and interests.

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