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Tracks & Tales Nature School invites you on an outdoor adventure.
Now in our eighth year, we offer both summer camps and school-year classes with three different programs: Primitive Survival Skills, Ninja Coyotes, and Shapeshifters.

Primitive Skills Classes

We offer hands-on Primitive Survival Skills Classes for kids from September through May, as well as summer camps in July.
Monday weekly classes are for children aged 7-9 years (approximately) with some mentoring by experienced, older students
Friday weekly classes are for children aged 10-15 years (approximately) and may include occasional survival overnights.
Saturday monthly classes are for children aged 7-12 years (approximately) and may include mentoring by older students.
Summer Camps in July, 2017 for children age 9-14. See our calendar for exact dates.

Ninja Coyotes

For younger children, we offer Ninja Coyotes outdoor adventures during the school year and for a one week summer camp in July.
Ninja Coyote Summer Camp for children age 4 to 6 years old this summer. (Check our registration page for details.)
School-year classes start in September 2017 for kids age 4 to 6 (approximately)


We are pleased to introduce our special Shapeshifters in the Forest.
Shapeshifters are nature's artsmiths, using leaves, water, sticks, rocks, time and sunshine to create artworks.
This program is designed for the entire family.

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Read "In Appreciation" -- the Tracks & Tales book!

In the past decade, more and more people have been turning to "nature education." Books such as Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv, Sharing Nature with Children by Joseph Cornell, and Coyote’s Guide to Connecting Kids with Nature by Jon Young and Ellen Haas, help show the profound impact nature can have on children, bringing them a sense of peace, self-confidence and joy.


We are grateful to be located in the heart of a community that is so full of natural beauty and inspiring people. We also want to acknowledge the greater community that nourishes our programs. Click here for a list of links.

Registration Details

Our programs are tailored to focus on each child's and each group's abilities and interests.
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We are located 40 minutes from Seattle / 20 minutes east of Redmond / 20 minutes south of Monroe in the lush forest just east of Duvall, Washington.
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Registration forms and other correspondance may be mailed to us at:

Tracks & Tales Nature School
31815 NE 162nd St.
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You can also email us at registration@tracksandtalesnatureschool.com or call us at 425-780-7003 with any questions.

Tracks & Tales Nature School is owned and operated by Flying Mountain Ltd., which is based in Duvall, Washington.